Hello, I'm 47321

And now the big reveal. The reason I haven't been blogging or doing much of anything for some time now is because I've had a teeny tiny side project going on:

And this week I passed the lab exam! I am CCIE 47321 (Routing and Switching).

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I've Joined Twitter

I'm now on Twitter as @knight_joel. If anyone has any questions on my articles or wants to discuss OpenBSD or networking related things, send me a tweet.

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Website Redesign

If you've visited this site before then it's obvious to you the site has undergone a major face lift. All of the content that was on the old site is still here, it's just at a different URL. Some of the more popular pages on the site are now here: Juniper Networks Olive Monitoring BIND9 Monitoring Postfix NetPacket PERL modules for IPv6 and OpenBSD packet filter OpenBSD SNMP MIBs As these pages are updated or when I add new tools or scripts, I plan on posting a blog entry to that affect.
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