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Posts related to Cisco Live in the United States.

BRKRST-2042 – Highly Available Wide Area Network Design

Presented by: David Prall, Communications Architect, Cisco

For reference, David is the “father of IWAN”.

This session was not what I was expecting. I was expecting design and architecture, but it was all about features in IOS and IOS-XE (eg, FHRPs, talked about routing protocol timers, PfRv3, BFD). I guess I need to pay more attention to the session code (RST == routing; ARC == architecture).

BRKDCT-2333 – Data Center Network Failure Detection

Presenter: Arkadiy Shapiro, Manager Technical Marketing (Nexus 2000 – 7000) @ArkadiyShapiro

You could say I’m obsessed with BFD –Arkadiy

The focus on this session is around failure detection (not reconvergence, protocol tuning, etc). This session will not go over user-driven failure detection methods (ping, traceroutes, etc).

Fast failure detection is the key to fast convergence.
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