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Why I Use MediaWiki for Taking Notes

I was prompted to write this when I observed someone the other day who was sitting in the same training as me taking notes in a self-addressed email. No offense to people who do this, but W. T. F. How are you going to keep track of that email among the dozens/hundreds you receive every single day?

I take a lot of notes for research, certification study, and training. I use MediaWiki for almost all of these notes. Here’s why. Continue reading Why I Use MediaWiki for Taking Notes

My Tools for Studying

fry-not-sure-if-studying As I wrote about before (Creating a CCNA Voice Lab) I’ve been studying for another Cisco certification. As I was studying for the exam, I started thinking about the tools I was using to prepare. It wasn’t that long ago that my tools were limited to pen and paper (does that make me sound old?? Uhhg). Now, I have a tablet, smart phone, and of course the venerable “cloud” for storing PDFs, notes, etc.

Anyway, I thought it would be neat to document the tools I’m using today. It’ll be interesting to read this in a couple of years to see how things have changed again and maybe it’ll give a fellow cert-chaser some ideas for today. Continue reading My Tools for Studying