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As a follow-on to my previous article on onePK – Cisco onePK: Now I Get It – I recorded a screencast in which I talk about what a onePK-enabled network is capable of. I also demonstrate two applications which make use of onePK to gather telemetry from the network and also program the network.

  • MTU Checker – Verifies that when the MTU of an interface is changed on the CLI, that the adjoining interface MTU matches
  • Routing For Dollars – Programs the forwarding table of the routers in the network based on the cost – in terms of dollars – of the various links in the network

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Disclaimer: The opinions and information expressed in this blog article are my own and not necessarily those of Cisco Systems.

7 thoughts on “Cisco onePK Screencast”

  1. The network is the computer…?
    With a bit of humor thrown in here:

    This looks like a very cool way to build a set of apps for network management and reporting.
    it’s interesting that you noted that you don’t expect to see mainline business apps make use of this in the near future.
    I do see this as being extremely valuable to cloud based apps and SaaS particularly in case of mobile, tablet and thin clients. An application side process that can dynamically improve the communication between a client in motion and a server application (that might be replicated or cached in many physical locations) should be pretty useful.
    Also great video and a nice easy to understand format… even I understood it!

  2. Great article and screencast Joel!

    The demo’s really helped to put some context around the potential capabilities of onePK and the applications that can be built to leverage it.

    Really liked the iOS analogy.

  3. Hi

    Where can we get the application “MTU Checker” from ? In case I wish to try this out ; is there a way i can get this application as well ?

    1. The apps I show in the post are all from the “all in one OnePK VM” which I believe is on Cisco DevNet now.

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