As a follow-on to my previous post about disabling plugins, this script will enable plugins from the shell.

I should've had the foresight to make the first script do both tasks but my immediate need was only to disable plugins so that's as far as I went. A reader of the previous post, Mark Kreyman, asked if I was able to create a companion script which would allow him to enable plugins. I wrote this script at his request.

% php wp_enable_plugins.php
Inactive plugins:
- akismet/akismet.php
- google-analyticator/google-analyticator.php
- google-sitemap-generator/sitemap.php

Specify plugin name(s) from above on the command line to enable them.

% php wp_enable_plugins.php akismet/akismet.php
Enabled 1/1 plugins.

This script (and the disable script) aren't meant to turn all plugins on/off in one shot. There's loads of resources on the web showing how to do that. These scripts are meant to enable/disable selective plugins.

Download plugin enable script: wp_enable_plugins.php

Download plugin disable script: wp_disable_plugins.php