I’ve updated my SNMP MIBs to support OpenBSD 4.9.There is no functional change in this release. I did update the “” OID so that it properly enumerates the logging levels which changed back in OpenBSD 4.7.

A friendly reminder that the version of Net-SNMP in the ports tree changed from 5.4.x to 5.6.x and there may be new/changed functionality present when you upgrade.

Tarball available here: obsd-mibs49.tar

Installation and usage instructions are available on the OpenBSD SNMP MIBs page.

If you find OpenBSD valuable, especially if you use it in a business setting, please donate to the project so that the code keeps coming.

7 thoughts on “OpenBSD 4.9 SNMP MIBs”

  1. Hi Joel,

    thank you for your work and articles!!

    I have problems go include the four snmp MIBs to OpenBSD 4.7 in snmpd.conf:
    mibs +OPENBSD-PF-MIB

    I copied *txt files of obsd-mibs44.tar into /usr/local/share/snmp/mibs. The Directory comes from:
    # net-snmp-config –default-mibdirs

    Do you have an idea? Could you mention adding mibs in net-snmp in your article?

    Thank you very much!


    1. Hey Florian,

      You need to put those commands in the /etc/snmp/snmp.conf (not snmpd.conf) file. Works for me when I test it.

  2. Hi

    I want to monitor carp on a BSD server and I’ve some trouble to add the openbsd-mibs. ( I am working on a virtual BSD 4.9)

    I download your Tarball install the package net-snmp after patching it:
    # tar xf obsd-mibs49.tar
    # patch < obsd-mibs.diff
    # make install

    So i try this command :
    # snmwwalk -v2c -c public OPENBSD-CARP-MIB::carpMIBObjects
    End Of MIB

    However when i do this command the output is exactly the same as yours ( )
    # snmwwalk -v2c -c community host OPENBSD-PF-MIB::pfMIBObjects

    And my /etc/snmp/snmp.conf just contain :
    mibs ALL
    mibAllowUnderline 1

    1. Hi Lenux,

      That’s an odd situation. Is the host at also running the 4.9 mib patch? Can you email me the output of “snmpwalk -DALL -v2c -c public OPENBSD-CARP-MIB::carpMIBObjects”. If you compare /usr/local/share/snmp/mibs/OPENBSD-CARP-MIB.txt with the corresponding file in obsd-mibs49.tar, do they match?

    1. Moreover these commands return the good OIDs :

      # snmptranslate -IR -On carpAllow

      # snmptranslate -IR -On OPENBSD-CARP-MIB::carpLog

      1. Those commands don’t actually go and query the server though. They are proving that the installed copy of the mib file is good but that’s about it. The issue is on the snmpd side, I’m just not sure where. It would be useful if you could enable all debug logging on snmpd and then send the output when you walk the carp mib.

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