It’s May and that means a new version of OpenBSD is out. My SNMP MIBs have been updated for 5.1 and are available for download on the OpenBSD SNMP MIBs page.


During the OpenBSD 5.1 development cycle, I committed the CARP MIB to the base OpenBSD snmpd. The kernel sensor MIB has been in the base snmpd for a few releases now. That leaves the pf MIB which was committed to 5.1-current some weeks ago and will be present in the 5.2 release.

So, you’ve got a few options.

  1. Want to still run Net-SNMP with the extra MIBS? Go to the SNMP MIBs page and follow the directions. No change from previous versions. However, make plans to migrate away from Net-SNMP for OpenBSD 5.2.
  2. Only use the CARP or kernel sensors MIB? Use the base snmpd(8). There’s no configuration necessary, just run the daemon. The MIB files are in /usr/share/snmp/mibs/ (The pf MIB file is present there, but the implementation is not part of snmpd(8) in 5.1). You should also read my guide on what’s changed between the Net-SNMP and snmpd(8) implementations of the MIBs.
  3. Want to use the base snmpd(8) but still have a requirement for Net-SNMP? See my blog post on using both together.

7 thoughts on “OpenBSD 5.1 SNMP MIBs”

  1. Hi! Thanks for the advice on net-snmp! I am running OpenBSD 5.9. Do I still need to install net-snmp in order to get the snmpwalk (client) utility or is there something similar in base? From what I see snmpctl is only for controlling the daemon.


    1. Hi Dimitrious,

      Thanks for the feedback! Yes, you still need the net-snmp package in order to get the snmpwalk command. The package will also install the netsnmp snmpd binary, but you can safely continue to run the base snmpd without issue.

  2. Hi Joel.

    What about “snmpctl walk” ?

    snmpctl walk localhost oid

    I’m fairly new to SNMP and found your pages very helpful, thank you.

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