Presenter: Konrad Reszka, IoT Vertical Solutions Group Engineering Lead

"Given a chance, how many people in this room would volunteer to be a meteorologist in San Diego? You'd never be wrong!"

Inflection point between 2009 and 2010 where the number of connected devices began to out number the connected people. 50 billion "things" by 2020. And this doesn't include phones and tablets. It's other smart devices.

Shift in dominant endpoints: from consumers (people) to devices (like sensors and such). This shift demands changes in the network to support this growth.

Cisco + Schneider Electric joint functional reference model for connected pipelines.

  • Modular approach
  • Pick the pieces you want
  • ISA99 model
  • Modern approach, such as virtualization
  • Forthcoming reference model with Cisco + Rockwell

Isolate your enterprise network from the operations network.

  • Industrial DMZ at level 3.5 (in the ISA99 model)
  • "Pull the plug" if need be and airgap the OT network from the enterprise network
  • Makes compliance/audits esier

In the erm... pipeline:

  • Connected Pipelines Cisco Validated Design
  • Schneider Electric TVDA (their version of a CVD)
  • Both docs are being co-written by Cisco and Schneider

Had to leave session halfway through due to an overlapping MtE session.