BRKDCT-2333 -- Data Center Network Failure Detection

Presenter: Arkadiy Shapiro, Manager Technical Marketing (Nexus 2000 - 7000) @ArkadiyShapiro

"You could say I'm obsessed with BFD" -Arkadiy

Fast failure detection is the key to fast convergence.

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BRKSEC-2137 -- Snort Implementation in Cisco Products

Presenter: Eric Kostlan, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Security Technologies Group

"Above all, Snort is a community" -Eric

Snort stats

  • over 4 million downloads
  • nearly 500,000 registered users

Snort was created in 1998 (!!). Sourcefire founded in 2001.

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BRKCRS-3900: NBase-T and the Evolution of Ethernet

Presenters: Dave Zacks, Distinguished Engineer; Peter Zones, Principle Engineer

History has been: 10x performnce increase at 3x the cost. 40Gb broke that model -> 100Gb PHYs were very expensive; industry needed/wanted an intermediate step.

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BRKSEC-2139: Advanced Malware Protection

Presenter: Eric Howard, Techincal Marketing Engineer

"Why aren't we stopping all the malware???"

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BRKARC-2032 -- Designing for Secure Convergence of Enterprise and PCNs

Presenter: Chuck Stickney, Cisco SE

Handful of OT folks in the room; majority IT.

Convergence Benefits

  • Simplification (common protocols)
  • Reduced Cost
  • Pervasive enablement of features and services
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BRKARC-3004 APIC-EM Controller Workflow and Use Cases

Presenter: Markus Harbek, CCIE, CCDE

Who knows what SDN stands for?

  • Still Don't kNow
  • Still Does Nothing
  • Schnitzel Dinner Night
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BRKSEC-2010: Emerging Threats -- The State of Cyber Security

Presenter: Craig Williams (@security_craig) - Sr Technical Leader / Security Outreach Manager, Cisco TALOS

"I'm from Talos. We love to stop bad guys."

Talos by the numbers:

  • 1.1 million incoming malware samples per day
  • 1.5 billion Sender Base reputation queries per day

Talos has a serious amount of data. For serious.

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BRKIOT-2109 -- Connecting Oil & Gas Pipelines

Presenter: Konrad Reszka, IoT Vertical Solutions Group Engineering Lead

"Given a chance, how many people in this room would volunteer to be a meteorologist in San Diego? You'd never be wrong!"

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BRKSEC-3005 -- An IoT Security Model for Securing IT-OT Assets

Presenter: Jeff Schutt - Cybersecurity Solutions Architect (Jeff works in Adv Services in the IoT team)

Full Title: An IoT Security Model & Architecture for Securing Cyber-Physical and IT-OT Converged Assets

Mix of IT/OT folks in the room.

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DEVNET-1001 -- Coding 101

How to Call REST APIs from a REST Client and Python

Presenter: Matt (didn't catch last name, sorry)

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