BRKEWN-2011 -- Managing An Enterprise WLAN With Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Presenter: Paul Lysander, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco

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BRKRST-3014 -- Policy, Complexity, and Modern Control Planes

Presented by: Russ White, LinkedIn

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BRKEWN-2017 -- Understanding RF Fundamentals and the Radio Design of 11n/ac Networks

Presenter: Fred Niehaus, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Wireless Networking Group

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BRKRST-2042 -- Highly Available Wide Area Network Design

Presented by: David Prall, Communications Architect, Cisco

For reference, David is the "father of IWAN".

This session was not what I was expecting. I was expecting design and architecture, but it was all about features in IOS and IOS-XE (eg, FHRPs, talked about routing protocol timers, PfRv3, BFD). I guess I need to pay more attention to the session code (RST == routing; ARC == architecture).

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BRKARC-3300 -- IOS-XE: Enabling the Digital Network Architecture

Presented by Muhammad A Imam, Sr Manager Technical Marketing Engineering

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BRKNMS-2701 -- How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Prime Infrastructure


  • Lewis Hickman, Consulting Systems Engineer
  • Jennifer Valentine, Systems Engineer
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BRKEWN-2019 -- 7 Ways to Fail as a Wireless Expert

Presenter: Steven Heinsius, Product Manager, Enterprise Networking Group

I'm hoping the title of this session could also be "7 Ways to not be a TOTAL Wireless Noob" since that's more my level. 😄

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BRKIOT-2109 -- Connecting Oil and Gas Pipelines


  • Rick Irons-Mclean, Oil & Gas and Energy Architecture Lead
  • Jason Greengrass, IoT Solution Architect
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BRKDCT-2333 -- Data Center Network Failure Detection

Presenter: Arkadiy Shapiro, Manager Technical Marketing (Nexus 2000 - 7000) @ArkadiyShapiro

"You could say I'm obsessed with BFD" -Arkadiy

Fast failure detection is the key to fast convergence.

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BRKSEC-2137 -- Snort Implementation in Cisco Products

Presenter: Eric Kostlan, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Security Technologies Group

"Above all, Snort is a community" -Eric

Snort stats

  • over 4 million downloads
  • nearly 500,000 registered users

Snort was created in 1998 (!!). Sourcefire founded in 2001.

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