BRKIOT-2109 -- Connecting Oil and Gas Pipelines


  • Rick Irons-Mclean, Oil & Gas and Energy Architecture Lead
  • Jason Greengrass, IoT Solution Architect
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BRKARC-2032 -- Designing for Secure Convergence of Enterprise and PCNs

Presenter: Chuck Stickney, Cisco SE

Handful of OT folks in the room; majority IT.

Convergence Benefits

  • Simplification (common protocols)
  • Reduced Cost
  • Pervasive enablement of features and services
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BRKSEC-3005 -- An IoT Security Model for Securing IT-OT Assets

Presenter: Jeff Schutt - Cybersecurity Solutions Architect (Jeff works in Adv Services in the IoT team)

Full Title: An IoT Security Model & Architecture for Securing Cyber-Physical and IT-OT Converged Assets

Mix of IT/OT folks in the room.

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