Happy New Year! As is my tradition, here are the 2015 blog statistics as compared to 2014.

I'm pretty excited that once again readership and overall reach of this blog has increased by double digits. I'm looking forward to growing these numbers and creating challenging and interesting new content in 2016.

Here are the overall statistics comparing Jan 1 - Dec 30 2015 (first number) to Jan 1 - Dec 30 2014 (second number):

2015 YoY

The number of sessions and number of unique users clipped the 100,000 mark for the first time. Session duration fell off, but I think that is a funny metric. I've not bothered to investigate how Google Analytics measures that nor do I understand conceptually how it's even possible to measure how long someone stays on a web page, so I've never put much stock in that metric.

New vs returning visitors are basically unchanged from last year:

2015 YoY Visitors

The top five browsers hitting the site is precisely the same as last year:

2015 YoY Browsers

What's interesting here is that out of the ~138,000 sessions that hit the site in 2015, Chrome was the only browser that was used for a bigger percentage of those sessions than in 2014. All the other browsers in the top five saw a decline. Due to Android growth? Or is Chrome just becoming more popular on the desktop? Unfortunately Google Analytics doesn't have a report for just mobile browsers.

However, the overall operating system numbers do show that Android use grew substantially in 2015:

2015 YoY Operating Systems

Not only did Android account for more sessions, but as a percentage of overall sessions, its usage grew by 34%. Apple iOS grew by 4% for the same metric while Windows was treading water and Linux and OS X dropped. This nicely lines up with what industry analysts have been saying for years: it's a "mobile first" world.

For completeness, here's the top five mobile operating systems:

2015 YoY Mobile Operating Systems

I found one more interesting metric when I was poking around in Google Analytics: the number of visits coming from Cisco's corporate network:

2015 YoY Cisco Visits

Slicing this data with the post that these visitors are viewing shows that 4 Types of Port Channels and When They're Used, Resetting Admin Password on a Cisco ISE Appliance, and Five Functional Facts About FabricPath are the 3 most popular. It's humbling to see my peers reading my posts :-)

Thank you to everyone who read an article on my blog this year. And thank you to everyone who posted a comment or a question. I look forward to more blogging in 2016!