My CLUS 2015 Schedule

I’m lucky enough to be heading to Cisco Live in San Diego this year to host customers from my area. When I’m not with a customer during the day I plan on attending these sessions:


  • Coding 101: How to Call REST APIs from a REST Client and Python
  • IoT Solutions – Connecting Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • An IoT Security Model & Architecture for Securing Cyber-Physical and IT-OT Converged Assets
  • Keynote


  • APIC-EM: Controller Workload and Use Cases
  • Designing for the Secure Convergence of Enterprise and Process Control Networks
  • Emerging Threats – The State of Cyber Security


  • IWAN Customer Case Study
  • Industrial Keynote – IoE and the IT Mindset Shift – The Evolution of the IT Career
  • Ethernet Evolving – Ethernet at New Speeds, Deterministic Networking, and Power over Everything!
  • Advanced Malware Protection


  • Snort Implementation in Cisco Products
  • Cloud Consumption in North America
  • No Lights, No Power, No Service? – Defending IoT
  • Closing Keynote

My main themes for picking sessions were industrial connectivity (due to the customer base I cover) and cyber security with a sprinkling of strategically chosen sessions to fill the gaps.

I plan on blogging my notes from each session soon after the session ends. Follow me on Twitter (@knight_joel) if you want to connect at the conference.

Disclaimer: The opinions and information expressed in this blog article are my own and not necessarily those of Cisco Systems.

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