DEVNET-1001 – Coding 101

How to Call REST APIs from a REST Client and Python

Presenter: Matt (didn’t catch last name, sorry)

I was late to this session because of wonderful San Diego traffic :-/

A walk-through of using the REST API on APIC-EM. – sample code, docs

Postman – plugin for Chrome browser to craft, send, receive API commands over HTTP using a nice graphical interface. Helpful for building and testing queries and also viewing the raw output from the controller that you’re querying. Is there an equivalent for Firefox?

APIC-EM docs fully cover the API. Methods, variables, etc.

“Requests” library in Python – simplifies the CRUD operations in Python.

When you’re in the lab, verifying the SSL cert of your controller (in your code) might be optional. Don’t bring that into prod code. Get a proper cert and have your code validate the cert.

Other references:


2 thoughts on “DEVNET-1001 – Coding 101”

  1. Hi, Joel

    I’m not sure if you already found out about this but I want to share that there is a firefox equivalent for the postman app. I recently got to do the Coding 101 in the DevNet and I also use firefox so I search it on the net and found two add-ons for firefox. Here it is: -you need to restart the browser with this add-on
    -you don’t need to restart the browser, but I prefer the Rest Client than this one.


    1. Oh, groovy. I don’t know if Chrome is just more popular or there hasn’t been a good REST client for FF, but yeah, it does seem like every demo I see the person is using Chrome :)

      I’m not a Chrome user, so thanks for sharing!

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